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4SH intervenes at the heart on on the environment of business or technical software, by developping a "product" oriented approach :

  • Advice over fonctionnal and road-map content
  • Specifications and developments
  • Technical or functionnal refactoring

As an  independent IT services company 4SH   provides software publishers with advices on functional contents and road-maps, specifications and developments, technical or process-driven refurbishing. We offer specific customized services and methods (CDM: Customized Development Method).

4SH is a trusted partner whose experience and expertise will help software publishers to develop new products while giving them full control on their development and growth.

Missions Statement

4SH manages the full development cycle of a software product:

  • Definition and Specifications
  • Design and Technical Requirements
  • Development and Execution
  • Streamlining and Implementation

Our methodology is based on a unique method, called CDM, which manages core workflow processes  for a  successful software development. CDM provides you with the key to that success by offering a simple, reliable and efficient way to design, develop, manage and monitor your development. Our method ensures performance, stability and scalability.                             

Our missions

pointWe Take-up your challenges

You create new products, we know what the challenges are:

  • With your clients
  • With your products
  • With your organization

Our approach and mission gives your challenges a simple and efficient solution.

We take-up your challenges


Within a few years 4SH has brought a key-contribution to the success of many projects and taken- up a wide range of challenges. Our clients have trusted us for their software upgrade and the fast expansion to new markets. They are the ambassadors of our successNews

pointLe Groupe SYNTYS

Syntys is a specialized industrial group which assists companies in outsourcing specific non-core functions activities,  Legal services, IT Infrastructure, Supply Chain management, Marketing and Procurement could be optimized through upgraded integration and externalization. Companies haven’t built the industrial competences to manage this complex strategic process. 

syntys groupe

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